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Oct 16,2018

For most people, Cheating by their Significant Partner / Spouse is probably the biggest Breach of Trust. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon and always leads
again to Quarrels and ultimately to many Breakups. A detective agency can collect very helpful information and evidence in the case of suspected adultery or cheating in the partnership and convey how best to deal with this situation. Cheating often involves a desire for quick, non-binding, and adventurous interactions with another person.

Detective: Cheating and adultery in modern times

Especially in the age of digitization and Online Dating Apps, it is easy for men and women to betray their own partner. A swipe to the right and a new potential partner can be found (dating app "Tinder"). The possibility of finding the Infidelity with the help of the Restriction to a specific area (local-based search) also causes many people to act thoughtlessly.

It's not just the quick access and ease of use of dating apps that makes people cheat on their partners more carelessly. People's fast pace and growing dissatisfaction with the current situation often leads to the psychological defense mechanism of displacement. With the so-called displacement, needs that cannot be met directly and at the desired location are realized at a different location. Psychologically, compensation is also a common conclusion of an unfulfilled life. In short: A so-called failure of needs, for example at work or in other areas of life, is compensated and satisfied elsewhere.

Private detectives clarify: infidelity, costs and cheating

As a result, more and more missteps occur in the partnership. However, for around 34% of Women and around 26% of Men, a fling is a reason to leave your partner directly and decide to separate (Source: Statista). But how do you act when you suspect that your partner has betrayed you?
What to do if no evidence can be found through normal channels? Infidelities often happen precisely when the partner has no way of getting behind the other's machinations.

A Business Meeting in a distant city? A manipulated Facebook profile? Cheaters are usually not at a loss for any Excuses! Hiring a private detective from Detective Agency PRIMECHECK is the safest and quickest way to uncover your partner's intrigues.

We act according to your wishes - quickly, properly and discreetly!

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