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Alimony Fraud

Nov 22,2018

Child support payments

Child support fraud is a common topic these days. The parent with whom the child does not live permanently is obliged to pay maintenance to the common child under certain circumstances and with a regular income. In most cases this is done without any problems. But what happens if disagreements arise due to the separation?

When are children entitled to maintenance? 

All children up to the age of 18 are entitled to maintenance payments. In addition, under certain conditions, children can apply for child support after they come of age. Children who are, for example, in student training or studying also have the right to maintenance payments up to the age of 25.

Which parent has to pay child support? 

Basically, both parents have to pay maintenance for the child. But most of the time, the child lives permanently with only one parent. As a rule, this parent fulfills the child maintenance obligation due to the care and provision of accommodation for the child (§ 1606 paragraph 3 sentence 2 BGB). The other parent has to pay maintenance for the common child. But under what conditions does this not have to be the case?

Child Support Fraud: When is a Parent Exempted from Child Support Payment?

A minimum amount must remain for the parent paying maintenance. This is checked by the family court. If this minimum amount is no longer given and your own livelihood is endangered by the maintenance payments, one parent may be able to free himself from the maintenance payments (however, other factors also play a role.). Those affected often do not act properly in order to escape alimony!

Child Alimony / Spouse / Ex-Spouse Alimony:

If your spouse earns more than you, they may be required to pay you maintenance during and after a divorce in certain circumstances. During the marriage you mainly took care of the household and the children together and were therefore not able to develop professionally? Your partner, on the other hand, has steadily climbed the career ladder, which also has a positive impact on earnings?

Should problems and alimony disputes arise as a result of a separation, we will be happy to investigate for you. Do you suspect that your ex-partner is hiding his actual salary so that he doesn't have to pay you alimony? Our investigators research international maintenance fraud for you!

Alimony payments to ex-spouse with new significant other

 Conversely, however, there may also be unjustified maintenance claims. If your ex-spouse is already in a new marriage-like relationship, you are no longer obliged to pay maintenance and his/her right to maintenance may expire. Would you like to prove that your ex-partner is already in a new and solid partnership? Our detective agency investigates suspected maintenance fraud within Germany and worldwide.

With its 15 locations worldwide and its 9 locations within Germany, the PRIMECHECK detective agency investigates maintenance fraud in Hamburg or if there is suspicion of maintenance fraud in Hannover.

What to do if you suspect maintenance fraud? 

Do you suspect that your ex-partner is only faking a threat to your existence through maintenance payments as described above? Or do you suspect that your ex-partner is giving untrue salary information in order to avoid paying alimony?

According to § 170 of the Criminal Code (StGb), in such a case there is a violation of the maintenance obligation.

In this case, you need the Detective Agency PRIMECHECK - We turn uncertainty into security and provide you with stressful and evidence that can be used in court.

Contact us now by phone at 0800 72 43 252!

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Alimony Fraud