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Apr 07,2022

Surveillance technology in the smallest of spaces – track down eavesdropping technology

If you think of your mobile phone, you will quickly realize that modern surveillance and espionage technology hardly takes up any space. After all, several cameras, at least one microphone and speakers fit into the housing of such a device nowadays. In addition, there are components such as antennas, processors and memory, which can store many hours of image and sound. A camera with a Full HD resolution and a motion sensor, which can regularly communicate with a mobile phone, finds its place in a power pack or a radio alarm clock. And a microphone is usually even smaller. In this sense, you only have a real anti-eavesdropping protection against eavesdropping if you do not carry your mobile phone with you.

Surrounded by "surveillance technology".

Everywhere we look there is technology that could be used by malicious people to monitor a target. It already starts with the mentioned mobile phones. Your laptop will have a camera and microphone. Intelligent systems such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home are often found in the home. Smart TVs are equipped with a camera and our mobile phones always know where we are anyway. However, many of these technologies are not only useful, but also vulnerable.

Digital eavesdropping

In times of digital communication, the word "eavesdropping" has nothing to do with the bug in the telephone or the microphone in the houseplant. Information is primarily passed on digitally. No company can do without computers, networks and the Internet. And so it is a logical consequence of technical development that information is primarily stolen digitally.

An example: A thoughtlessly sent email. If you have not taken any special precautions, e-mails will be sent in plain text. Any attacker who has access to the transmission path at any point can read your e-mails and even change them. That's why mission-critical information should never be sent in a standard email.

When your own computer becomes a spy

Economic espionage is taking place more and more in the digital universe. And that includes your work PC or laptop. And this device, which you are probably most likely to trust, can be tricked into working against you by appropriate means.

We're not talking about a complicated hacker attack. It is enough to click on a supposedly harmless link in an email or on a website. Although nothing obvious is happening, malware can silently install itself on the computer at that moment. And modern malware is versatile. So a spy software can not only steal data, but also activate the microphone or the camera. Confidential conversations in the office can quickly become more public than you would like.

Conventional espionage technology still in use

Despite the possibilities of digital communication, conventional bugs and cameras are still used for industrial espionage. Due to their small size, they are almost impossible to find without expensive equipment. The "bug finders" offered in stores at minimal prices are hardly suitable for this purpose. Only a few detective agencies offer the necessary equipment and, above all, the necessary know-how. We work with the latest technology and offer you many years of experience and expertise in the field of anti-eavesdropping and help you track down wiretapping technology.

We support you in preventing eavesdropping

Do you have any questions about eavesdropping protection and eavesdropping technology? Do you need help securing your communications? Or do you suspect that your premises are being bugged and monitored by third parties? We will help you - professionally, reliably and discreetly.


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