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May 08,2023

Background check of a person / company

It is often the case that a person presents themselves differently than they actually are. So it happens that the person often just pretends facts to put themselves in a better light. This can be lies about the financial situation, or the criminal past can be embellished.

Do you have the concrete suspicion that someone in your environment has got into conflict with the law and is hiding something from you. Especially in relationships, this can be important with regard to violent conflicts. Here it would be advisable, as soon as there is a concrete suspicion, to check whether there is already a story or hints here. In this case, we can research whether there may already be previous convictions.

However, a background check can also help if you have lent someone money or want to buy something. It is not relevant for us whether it is a private purchase or the purchase of a company / an economic background. The financial background can be checked here. Does the auditor meet his obligations, or are there already negative entries. Here, too, you can contact us if you have a specific suspicion.

We would be happy to help you get rid of your doubts and search for clarity. If you have a concrete suspicion, contact us and let us advise you free of charge and without obligation by e-mail or telephone.

Backgroundcheck einer Person oder Unternehmens

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