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Wage Fraud

May 16,2019

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Wage continuation fraud - feigned illness

A long weekend or even a whole vacation? Many employees take the right to get a few more days of paid vacation through a medically certified incapacity to work. The costs incurred by employers as a result of this action by employees are enormous. With the help of a professional and Legally Secure Observation, our investigators can secure evidence in the event of a Feigned Illness that gives you, as the employer, a basis for a justified termination of the respective employee.

Unauthorized Secondary Employment

In addition to Feigned Incapacity to Work, the reason for an employee's absence from work can also be the taking up of an unauthorized - not announced to the employer - sideline activity. The employee is liable to prosecution with regard to the Working Time Fraud caused by this and also engages in undeclared work in the case of an illegal, non-officially registered secondary job. Secondary employment must be discussed with the employer before starting and must be approved accordingly.

Wage fraud is a criminal offence

What most employees are not aware of: Fraud of continued wage payments is not a minor offence, but represents a serious criminal offense and can be prosecuted if the employer files a criminal complaint - and the criminal offense can be undeniably documented and proven by a detective agency will. This is a criminal offense of fraud according to § 263 StGB.

What to do if you, as an employer, are cheated by your employees? 

In most cases, employers cannot obtain any judicial Evidence that is necessary for the termination process without involving third parties to Evidence. The PRIMECHECK detective agency has the necessary means, ways and experience to put a stop to your employees and their illegal machinations.

When can I have my employees observed?

Employee Monitoring By Detectives may be carried out by a detective agency if there is a justified suspicion of a simulated illness. As a HR manager or employer, there is a legitimate interest if there is a suspicion of continued wage fraud and the property of the company is therefore at risk.

The Continued Wage Payment Fraud in the event of illness is one of the most common orders that the Detective Agency PRIMECHECK worldwide processed. It is essential to hire a reputable and experienced detective agency for your employee observation, so that you as an employer can also find out about your legitimate interest with regard to research and observation.

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