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Corporate Investigations

We protect your company against fraud and espionage

As a business detective agency we work alongside you with discretion to help solve fraud cases in all areas of commercial investigations. We support companies of all industries and sizes in the investigation of criminal offences such as sabotage and the prevention of industrial espionage.

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As a business detective agency, PRIMECHECK offers you a complete package for all your requirements. Our detectives work both across Germany and an globally, whether it’s defending against industrial espionage and sabotage by competitors or collecting evidence in fraud cases. It is possible to embed our detectives within your company both to detect theft or work time fraud carried out by your employees, but also to gather legal evidence to prove the offence.

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Your PRIMECHECK advantages

  • Absolutely discreet and secure
  • Highest data protection standards and anonymity protection
  • Obtaining evidence that can withstand legal proceedings
  • Get Clarity within the shortest time
  • Fixed rates guaranteed

We focus on anonymity, data protection and discretion. We process each case individually and treat all data submitted to us with absolute confidentiality.

Each of our detectives has not only the necessary experience and expertise, but also the necessary empathy to support you in any personal aspects of the case ensuring it is resolved in the best possible way.

I.D.A. – International Detective Association

IHK – Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen

DEKRA certified according to DIN 9001: 2015

DGfK – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik

VID - Association of international private detectives

Sick leave fraud (continued pay fraud)

Continued pay fraud causes millions in losses to companies every year. Employees falsely claim illness in order to take up paid part-time work. In the worst case, they work for a competitor. In order to uncover this form of fraud, strict regulations of the jurisdiction must be adhered to. Nevertheless, such investigations are crucial in the event of a concrete suspicion and are often successful. PRIMECHECK provides you with reliable answers.

Accounting and expense fraud

Are your employees always honest in their accounts and expenses? Was this really a business dinner with a customer or was there a nice dinner with their girlfriend at company expense? As long as turnover and profit are right, there is no need for action in most cases. But as soon as your sales representatives no longer carry out their work properly, your company suffers considerable damage that is difficult for you as an entrepreneur to prove.

Whenever you suspect that your sales representatives in particular do not always behave honestly, we will find out for you and provide reliable proof.

Competition law

Do you have the feeling that a former employee is enticing away your customers or your competitors are damaging you with unfair methods of competition? Then you need a reliable partner who can discreetly and demonstrably prove this for you.

We investigate for you in all questions of competition law and provide you with sound evidence that can be used in court.

Theft and sabotage

At every inventory there is missing a considerable part of your goods or do you have the feeling that you are being deliberately sabotaged by competitors? We will investigate whether you are systematically being robbed by your employees or thieves or whether we have to uncover saboteurs in your company. We’ll help you.

We find the perpetrators and provide reliable evidence so that you can take the necessary legal action.

Working time fraud

You can’t always control everything. Especially on construction sites or in the field it is almost impossible to determine whether your employees really arrive at work on time and leave again at the agreed time.

Another common case of working time fraud is illicit secondary employment, in which employees use their working time or company resources instead of working for you, but for themselves and carrying out illicit secondary employment.

In this way, we can usually determine in a very short time whether your trust is being abused or not. Here, for example, we can quickly create clarity through the targeted infiltration of “new colleagues” into your company.

Infiltration into your company

Sometimes it’s better to get a detective in as a supposed associate. Close proximity to your employees enables them to collect information within a very short time. In this way, sabotage and cases of fraud in particular can be cleared up quickly and reliably.

Our detectives can be deployed in all areas of the company and know their way around in any environment without attracting negative attention or arousing suspicion.


The modern networking of all devices in the company is practical, but also a gateway for all kinds of cyber attacks.

With sophisticated technology and expertise on the possibilities of cybercrime, we uncover all vulnerabilities for potential attackers for you and help you close security gaps before they become a problem.

We also help to track down attackers and detect data espionage.

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