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Detective work What is allowed?

Aug 30,2019

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Detective work - The fine line between acceptable and unacceptable work.

Anyone who thinks of detective work very often associates it with observations and investigations, Sherlock Holmes or observing in private Premises of suspects. However, these are images that are known from films or series. Not only is the investigator's equipment much more versatile in reality, but also the legal options for detective work are more limited by legal requirements than is portrayed in fiction. Serious detective work not only requires optimal operational planning, but primarily a legitimate interest of the client. There are some areas where you may not get the assistance you want from government law enforcement agencies.

The private and business detective agency PRIMECHECK acts in a customer-oriented and qualified manner in order to offer you clarification on any questions and concerns in the private and business segment.

Legitimate interest (

Observation and processing of the collected data is only legally justifiable if there is a legitimate interest on the part of the client. The client must prove that the detective agency has a legitimate interest and the personal rights of the target person must not be violated at any time. A legitimate interest exists, for example, “if there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the person responsible, e.g. B. if the person concerned is a customer of the person responsible or is in his service" (Source: https: //

do not infringe personal rights

In practice, before each assignment, it is checked whether the desired order can be implemented with regard to the personal rights of the target person and the legitimate interests of the client. Personal rights can be divided into 3 spheres:

1. The individual sphere (public and professional environment)
2. Privacy (the private sphere of life) and
3. Privacy (such as personal letters, diaries, etc.).

The private sphere is under absolute protection.
The private sphere may only be violated for a necessary reason.
The sphere of individuality is under less protection.
However, there is only a violation if the intervention appears to be unauthorized (e.g. no legitimate interest).


The Documentation of the detective work is therefore just as legally regulated as the detective work itself. A detective must not disregard the highly personal living space of the target person. The Image and observation material obtained may only be used under certain conditions. Several factors play a decisive role here. Among other things, third parties, uninvolved persons may not be seen on the image material obtained. License plates of uninvolved vehicles must also be covered.

Due to the legal framework, the detective agency PRIMECHECK is a service provider with certified data protection management (TÜV Rheinland certified).

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