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Fake love - how young men prey on female tourists with bezness

Oct 20,2022

Fake love on vacation - Bezness scam claims new victims every day

Women on vacation are increasingly becoming victims of "bezness". The term is made up of the words "BEZiehung" and "BusiNESS" and stands for a scam by fraudsters who pretend to be in love with tourists in order to get their money.
Especially women, often divorced or widowed, fall in love with a love cheat on vacation - often a younger, very attractive man. For example, one meets a nice waiter, diving instructor or bartender on vacation. The latter spoils the women again and again with nice compliments, as a result of which they get into a conversation, subsequently arrange to meet and finally spend a lot of time together during the vacation. By the end of the vacation, they are in love - or at least one of them is. The man actually gives the woman the feeling of a happy relationship. However, no sooner is she on the plane heading home than he turns his attention to the next tourist. The two keep in touch from home. They write each other countless messages, talk on the phone and Skype as often as they can. Once a little time has passed, the men often get in touch with a request for financial help.

Bezness - Beware of false love on vacation

Because in truth, the men are not after true love, but merely after the woman's money or even her citizenship. Either the men can no longer pay their rent or a close relative has suddenly fallen seriously ill and urgently needs medical treatment, and without financial help the partner is seemingly lost. They put their new partner under emotional pressure so that she feels obliged to transfer money to them. Sometimes they also pretend to need money for a common house, which the man wants to buy in order to build a common future for both of them. You pretend to plan the future together in the new country and want to prepare everything for it. You pretend to be a caring partner.

Women are the main victims of bezness

It happens that women see themselves in the responsibility to help their partner. They work more, take a second job or take out loans. Often the women get into debt for their supposedly happy relationship.

If you have fallen in love during your vacation and are now in a supposedly happy relationship, we can help you and support you in finding out whether your new partner is serious. First of all, we can check whether the person is actually the one he or she claimed to be. We investigate for you whether there has already been cheating in the past, or we observe your new partner to clarify for you whether he may also be seeing other women. Thanks to our international reach we can help you worldwide.
Wir wollen Ihnen dabei helfen, sich in Ihrer Beziehung sicher zu fühlen und alle Zweifel aus dem Weg räumen.

Feel free to contact us for a free phone consultation.


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