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GPS tracker for espionage and for cars, motorcycles & Co.

May 22,2020

Digital Monitoring is now widespread and the technical possibilities are almost limitless. Whether in the private or in the business sector – it comes more and more cases of espionage. The areas of application for digital surveillance are also very diverse. GPS Tracker can be used in addition to the private and legal use for children or pets can also be used for illegal use. The privacy of companies, as well as individuals, can be protected by GPS Trackers or listening devices are seriously injured. In addition, locating or listening to people with the help of spyware - without their knowledge, is a punishable offense. GPS trackers for cars, motorcycles, etc. may only be used with the consent of the person being monitored. Even if it is GPS tracker for Audio surveillance (small device), the consent of the monitored person is required.

Eavesdropping devices - mini bugs and modern technology

Spyware in the form of listening devices or GPS trackers are often hidden by perpetrators on or in the vehicle in order to
conversations while driving to eavesdrop or to check the whereabouts of a person via the GPS transmitter. GPS trackers for cars and motorcycles also play a big part
Role. Hiding eavesdropping devices in offices or conference rooms is no longer just a scene known from films,
but an integral part of criminal circles.

Our investigators work for you nationwide - but also internationally and professionally search for bugging devices and surveillance technology of any kind. Due to the continuous change in technology, it is important as a detective, contemporary and professional Technique for searching for eavesdropping devices or spyware to use.

Do you have listening devices? We'll find out for you!

Sie haben den Verdacht, dass sich in Ihrem Fahrzeug, Ihrem Haus oder Ihrem Unternehmen Spyware befindet? Wir prüfen professionell, ob sich an oder in Ihrem Fahrzeug, oder in Ihren privaten
oder gewerblichen Räumlichkeiten Spyware befindet und dokumentieren den Befund rechtssicher and gerichtsverwertbar.

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