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Inheritance detective

Detective agency PRIMECHECK

Inheritance detective : Are you looking for an heir or are you suspected of dealing with inheritance sneaks? We would be happy to support you and clarify the situation for you.

Cooperation with a competent inheritance detective

Often times, when a person dies, they distribute their owners by means of an appropriately certified will. Especially with wealthy people, it is customary to put this on in the event of sudden death before they reach old age. Nevertheless, there are always complicated cases of unresolved inheritance that can not only cause discord in the family, but also attract inheritance sneaks. So that you get clarity and can successfully assert your inheritance claim, it makes sense to work with an inheritance detective. This will give you the inheritance you are entitled to and protect yourself from protracted conflicts and inheritance fraud.

Heirs Search made easy with an inheritance detective

Even if a notarized will is available that names all of the deceased’s possessions, difficulties can arise if some heirs are not in contact or if they are unknown to you. Distant relatives or old friends are often unexpectedly involved in the inheritance, so that the close family of the deceased is faced with the task of finding them. It becomes even more complicated to contact unknown heirs if the inheritance is abroad and no current contact details are available. In all of these cases, you can turn to an experienced inheritance detective to investigate on your behalf. If heirs are wanted who are not registered at any address or who are abroad, the detective agency can use its extensive international network to clarify the matter for you quickly.

Protect yourself from inheritance creeping!

In contrast to heirs who cannot be reached, alleged relatives, partners or other people close to the deceased may visit you. This can also happen if there is a corresponding will that does not name another person. In such a case, contact an inheritance detective immediately to protect yourself against inheritance embezzlement. Inheritance fraudsters often take advantage of the fragile condition of grieving relatives and put them under pressure to unlawfully participate in the inheritance. Lifelong friendships or close partnerships are often invented, and even forged documents such as birth certificates are used. An inheritance detective is familiar with all of these tricks and will do everything possible to expose the scammer. Whether by checking the documents, questioning neighbors and other witnesses or tracing the fraudsters’ crime – our heir investigators are guaranteed to bring the truth to light.

Working with an inheritance detective

When you choose to investigate heirs with our private detective agency, you can be sure that the matter is in good hands. First of all, you can describe the situation in a non-binding and free initial consultation and then agree on a lump sum or an hourly rate with the inheritance detective. The investigators are available for you at any time of the day or night, so that you have a competent contact person directly even in urgent cases. Since the offices of our detective agency can be found in numerous large cities across Germany and Europe, you can also visit the centrally located locations personally, contact us first and make an appointment. You will see that our investigators approach your concerns with empathy and expertise. Of course, we operate according to the highest data protection standards and attach great importance to always maintaining your anonymity. Discreet, reliable, competent and with transparent pricing – that is our detective agency.

I.D.A. – International Detective Association

IHK – Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen

DEKRA Zertifiziert nach DIN 9001:2015

DGfK – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik

VID- Vereinigung international tätiger Privatdetektive

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