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Investment and capital fraud

Jan 06,2020

The PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call: 0800 72 43 252

The business and private detective agency PRIMECHECK investigates for you in national and international business, as well as private matters. The extraordinarily wide range of investigative work offers you and your company in any case help in the clarification of your problems.

The commercial detective agency PRIMECHECK investigates for you in Germany and worldwide. In cooperation with our worldwide partner network, we have the opportunity to get helpful information flexibly and promptly, which supports our research in order to obtain an optimal research result.

Dubious entrepreneurs and investment consultants are increasing in investment and capital fraud. Due to regular training and further education measures, our business detectives are continuously up to date and are therefore well prepared for cases of this type.

Investors lose a lot of money every year to investment scammers. Investors often label scammers trustworthy and sympathetic in advance. This is exactly the reason why millions of people get involved in supposedly lucrative businesses far too quickly.

Capital investment fraud is a deception in which the investment scammers often offer highly profitable capital market products or promise a high return on invested capital. This is for the sole purpose of fraudulently collecting investors' investments. Would you like to invest your savings and have doubts about the seriousness of the investment company? We review the company for you and leave no further worries! Have you already invested and your money seems to have been lost forever? In this case, too, our business detectives will get to the bottom of the matter and provide you with active support with research and evidence on the perpetrators.

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