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Joining VID

Apr 22,2021

Detective agency PRIMECHECK joins the association of internationally active private detectives (VID).

Due to the current situation and the fact that more and more restrictions are restricting international detective work, we have joined the association of internationally active private detectives as a professional detective agency. The traditional, dynamic and up-and-coming professional association of internationally active private detectives also convinced us as a detective agency due to the collegial and international cooperation and the protection of professional interests.

VID – Vconfidential, Iindividual and Ddiscreet – values that we use to identify ourselves as serious Detective Agency can identify without hesitation.

What is the VID?

The VID was founded in 1966 and is therefore one of the oldest professional associations for private investigators. As a globally active association, the VID not only serves as a link between internationally active detectives and investigators, but also operates as a quality guarantee for the members. Each member is obliged to ensure the upholding of ethics and law in the community.
The exclusive member benefits make it possible for us, as a global commercial and private detective agency, to also be able to fall back on an international network of expert detectives and to receive cross-border professional support from partners and members of the VID.

All members of the VID have the following requirements:

  • Sound and comprehensible training
  • Several years of professional experience in the detective trade
  • An impeccable reputation and an impeccable record
  • Orderly, personal and economic circumstances

 What advantages does membership offer our customers?

Despite a well-functioning network worldwide, the current travel restrictions, which are sometimes also noticeable within the countries, are having an enormous impact on the detective work. In order to be able to continue to guarantee you the usual professional service, it was essential at this point to expand the contacts and the network. The expanded network offers us the opportunity to continue working for you internationally and not having to raise any price adjustments due to the special conditions between club members. The additional international contacts to members of the association enable us to guarantee operational readiness in the shortest possible time and to obtain relevant information. In addition, by belonging to the association, we benefit from the local knowledge of our fellow detectives.

VID Beitritt

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