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Lawyers and Detectives

Feb 16,2021

Lawyers and Detectives: The Detective and the Lawyer – Really a case for two?

The series "Ein Fall für Zwei", known from the evening program, repeatedly and impressively presents the viewer with a collaboration between a private detective and a lawyer. However, reality is not quite as television would have us believe. Nevertheless, lawyers and detectives can work together efficiently. And not only the two sides benefit from it. The lawyer's clients also enjoy real advantages.

Legally up to date when lawyers and detectives work together

Because of his job, the lawyer must have up-to-date legal knowledge. The private detective can benefit from this circumstance. In this way, the lawyer can inform him about legal changes that affect the detective's work area. This advantage of cooperation becomes particularly relevant when it comes to the legally compliant procurement of evidence.

The detective as supporter of the lawyer

On the other hand, the lawyer also benefits from the cooperation. He stands by his clients. The public prosecutor faces him in court. With the state means of finding evidence, the latter has a whole arsenal of possibilities at hand that a lawyer usually does not have. Then it can be helpful to enter into cooperation with a detective agency so that lawyers and detectives work together.

The list of tasks that a detective can perform on behalf of a lawyer is long. It begins with the determination of addresses and creditworthiness information, leads to the determination of witnesses or heirs to investigations into questions of competition or patent law.

More tasks with which a Detective Agency can support a lawyer

  • identification of persons
  • Investigations into questions of maintenance law
  • Finding evidence in employment law matters
  • Preparation of personal and company profiles

Detective and Lawyer - The perfect partnership

It is one of the daily tasks of a detective to collect information, determine evidence and clarify facts. He is an expert in these areas. The results of this work can provide a client with the valuable advantage in court to emerge victorious from a case.

However, there are also numerous advantages for the lawyer. Satisfied clients will continue to use the lawyer's services if necessary. In addition, new clients often find their way to him through recommendations. For these reasons alone, working with a detective is in the interest of the lawyer.

It is often not the really big criminal case that lawyer and detective solve together. Rather, it is the little bits of information that sometimes make the difference in a case.

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