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Love Scamming

Oct 23,2020

Love Scamming - When the suitor is a scammer

The internet has become a natural part of our lives today. We shop online, read the latest news and find out about many things in everyday life. Many people also use the Internet to find their partner for life. But the dream partner, who suddenly reveals himself via the dating site of choice, sometimes becomes a – often financial – nightmare for users plagued by loneliness. In the supposed anonymity of the Internet, many people with dishonest intentions feel safe. "Scamming" is the technical term for a particularly perfidious scam. Put simply, this is the use of a false identity or a fabricated story in order to financially harm the victim. The perpetrators often invent quite adventurous stories in order to get hold of other people's money. And it's not always about great love. Romance Scamming by men or women, both are possible.

Love or Romance Scamming: What is a Scammer?

A particularly reprehensible form of love scamming is fake love scams. This form of fraud creates a lot of emotional stress for the victims. In addition, there is often immense financial damage. The scammers use social networks and online dating sites to search for their victims. Very often it is older, single women who succumb to the fake charms of scammers. The women are initially overwhelmed with exuberant expressions of affection and love in order to drive them into an emotional dependency. Scammers often support their story with photos (romance scamming pictures) or even phone calls. Then, as a rule, a sudden emergency follows. The passport was stolen, the suitcase was stolen or a deposit has to be paid. The range of stories is diverse. However, it always ends in a request to transfer money to the scammers. And the victims usually comply with the request, which often results in financial damage of several thousand euros.

Love Scam - Victims of Online Dating Internet Fraud

Most of the time, this form of fraud begins harmlessly. A short chat here, a nice email there. The platforms used on the Internet do not necessarily have to be dating sites. Each social network serves scammers as a starting point for their search. It is true that it is mainly men who move in this fraudulent environment. But women can also act as perpetrators here. They prepare their profiles with pictures of very attractive women who were photographed solely for this purpose or simply stolen. While men often pretend to be engineers, soldiers or business travelers, the female perpetrators are often nurses, doctors, teachers or employees of an orphanage. What all scammers have in common, however, is that they have a perfect command of the English language.

How do I recognize a love scammer? Love scams & marriage swindlers

The Detective Agency PRIMECHECK helps you to protect yourself from such fraudulent activities. If you're not sure if a new contact is being honest with you, contact us. We support you in checking the supposed identity of your counterpart.

If you are not sure whether you have fallen victim to such a scam, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are your trusted partner if you have been a victim of love scammers.

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