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Online investigations in the DarkNet

Mar 31,2021

Online investigations in the DarkNet

The World Wide Web today offers an unmanageable amount of information. You will find more online offers for all aspects of knowledge than you can ever use. But did you also know that much of the information available is not readily available to most users? This is the world of the DeepWeb or Darknet.

What is the difference between deep web and dark web?

The big search engines like Google and Bing know a huge part of the internet. They automatically send out running programs that read out every bit of information, no matter how small. These are deposited in the huge information stores of the search engines. Google now knows more than 100 trillion individual documents on the World Wide Web.

However, there is information that is inaccessible to Google & Co. For example, search engines have no way of accessing content in the DeepWeb because the networks are closed. In the case of the Darknet, there is an additional encryption that search engines cannot bypass.

playground for criminals?

The term “dark web” was coined as early as the 1970s. These were by no means networks that were used preferentially by arms and drug dealers. The term stood for computer networks that existed independently of the ARPANET (the forerunner of today's Internet).

If you search for "Darknet" today, in most cases you will find media reports on criminal activities of all kinds. Above all, the illegal sale of stolen goods, drugs and weapons is a regular topic in the mass media.

This one-sided reporting makes it appear that the dark web only serves unfair intentions.

In fact, however, today's dark web is anything but just a hotbed of criminal misbehaviour. Human rights organizations, journalists and civil rights activists also use the dark web. And the dark web version of Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the network. And that has it's reason.

Anonymous and free communication on the Darknet

One of the main characteristics of the dark web is its very existence. Most people are familiar with the term, but cannot classify it. And many of those who can, don't know how to use the dark web. Because its content cannot be reached via normal search engines. And official bodies still find it difficult to track down such networks at all.

It is precisely this anonymity that offers protection, above all, to those people who need it. In many countries of the world, communication is censored and prevented by state funds. The dark web often becomes the only way to connect with the world. Because censorship is almost impossible here.

We investigate for you in the depths of the Internet

The networks of the Darknet and DeepWeb offer unimagined possibilities for obtaining information. With a well thought-out approach and many years of experience in online investigations, we can also find hidden information that will help you.

Targeted research on the World Wide Web using the well-known search engines can already lead to very valuable insights. However, we also combine this data with information that is not publicly available. Our specialized online investigators are thus able to obtain a much more comprehensive picture of a situation than would be possible in the usual ways.

Do you have any questions on this topic or would you like a non-binding consultation appointment? Feel free to contact us - Detective Agency PRIMECHECK.

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