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Jun 01,2022

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Investigation of persons & detective search by PRIMECHECK detective agency

A tracing of persons can have many reasons. The most common is the search for the current registration address of a missing person. Of course, for reasons of data protection law, it is not possible to arbitrarily search for information about persons of interest. An important prerequisite for tracing persons is legitimate interest in the sense of the applicable data protection law. Since this is a very sensitive subject, our investigators do not undertake investigations on women who are in women's shelters or are under a protection programme. Should this become apparent in the course of the investigation, the knowledge gained will not be passed on to the client. Due to our many years of experience in the field of personal investigations and the search for persons and their registration addresses, we fundamentally reject dubious enquiries for security reasons.

Investigation and search for persons detective agency - Legitimate interest

Every detective agency is obliged to find out about the legitimate interest of the clients before accepting an assignment and before performing a commissioned service.

Due to the applicable basic data protection regulation, it is not lawful to transmit ascertained information to persons who do not maintain or have not maintained a personal or business relationship with the person sought.

Ms. M. is in custody proceedings with her still husband Mr. M. The letters from Ms. M.'s lawyer cannot be delivered after a certain time.

Reason: Mr. M. has moved to an unknown address without informing his wife or her lawyer about the move and the new address. Since the lawyer's letters can no longer be delivered, there is a legitimate interest in having a current registration address determined.

In order to conduct the research, we need the following information in advance:

  • As already described: An information about the legitimate interest
  • A full name of the target
  • A complete date of birth of the target
  • A last known address of the target person (Optional and depending on further information also last known place of residence possible)

Detective search for persons - When the residential address is not the same as the registration address (and vice versa)

When people move, it is legally regulated that the move must be registered with the respective authority no more than two weeks after the move. The residential address must therefore correspond to the registration address by law. However, it happens that this rule is not adhered to. A search of databases will only provide information on the most recent registration address of a person. Fortunately, in most cases this is also the current residential address. However, as already described, this need not always be the case.

After receiving the required information, we always first determine the current registration address in the form of a search via databases. We are happy to offer to check this on site in a second step. If the registration address is outdated, it can be assumed that the target person has not (yet) re-registered. As a detective agency, we are often asked whether we can determine the residential address. In principle, however, this is only possible by questioning the previous neighbourhood (without any guarantee of success).

We will be happy to answer your individual questions during a non-binding initial telephone conversation or by e-mail.

Personenermittlung und Detektiv Personensuche der Detektei PRIMECHECK

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