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Clarity instead of suspicion

Die Privatdetektive unserer Private Investigations stehen Ihnen sicher und diskret in allen Fragen zur Seite. Wir befreien Sie vom Verdacht und schaffen Klarheit, damit Sie Gewissheit haben und zu Ihrem Recht kommen.

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As a private detective agency, it is our job to ensure that you have clarity and to obtain the necessary evidence even in the most difficult cases, so that you get your justice. Our detectives not only act discreetly and reliably, but are also well trained in all important legal issues in order to ensure that the evidence gained by us can also be used in court if necessary. We help you in all matters, both nationally and internationally.

If you need the help of a professional detective, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dabei beraten wir Sie, kostenlos und unverbindlich, welche Maßnahmen für Ihren Fall am besten geeignet sind. So stellen wir sicher, dass Sie am Ende mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden sein können.

You have a suspicion? We create clarity.

Contact us now for a first free consultation. We support you in all questions and ensure discreet and fast results.

Your PRIMECHECK advantages

  • Absolutely discreet and secure
  • Highest data protection standards and anonymity protection
  • Obtaining evidence that can withstand legal proceedings
  • Get Clarity within the shortest time
  • Fixed rates guaranteed

We focus on anonymity, data protection and discretion. We process each case individually and treat all data submitted to us with absolute confidentiality.

Each of our detectives has not only the necessary experience and expertise, but also the necessary empathy to support you in any personal aspects of the case ensuring it is resolved in the best possible way.


Zertifikat der International Detective Association I.D.A. - International Detective Association
Zertifikat der Industrie- und Handelskammer IHK – Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen
Zertifikat des TÜV Rheinland DEKRA certified according to DIN 9001: 2015
Zertifikat der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik DGfK – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik
VID- Vereinigung VID - Association of international private detectives

Private detective: discreet observation

Discreet observation of individuals often provides more clues than any other method of investigation. For this reason, our detectives are familiar with a wide variety of observation techniques.

Due to many years of experience, our investigators can anticipate a person’s steps in many cases and rarely lose a trace.

Die beste Observation ist jedoch wertlos, wenn die anschließende Dokumentation fehlerhaft ist. Alle recherchierten Beweise übergeben wir Ihnen lückenlos dokumentiert und geprüft. Diese sind vor Gericht als  Beweismittel verwendbar.

Tracking down individuals

Looking for someone who seems to have been swallowed off the face of the earth? Whether it’s missing individuals whose address is unknown or you’re looking for people who have fled or are trying to evade their obligations – we’ll find them.

We use both traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology to find your target person in the shortest possible time.

Reveal Stalkers

Um rechtlich gegen Stalker vorgehen zu können, müssen Sie die Attacken lückenlos nachweisen. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie ein Stalking-Tagebuch führen müssen, in welchem alle Vorkommnisse exakt dokumentiert sind. Für Betroffene, die ohnehin meist unter enormen psychischem Druck stehen, ist dies oft eine schier unlösbare Aufgabe, während diese in Angst leben müssen. Daher sollten Sie sich Hilfe von professionellen Ermittlern holen, die Ihnen die nötigen Beweise beschaffen, um Ihren Stalker dingfest zu machen und Ihnen Ihre Privatsphäre und Ruhe zurückzugeben.

Fidelity test

In many cases, a fidelity test can provide clarity if you are not sure whether you can trust your partner. The main objective is to determine how important faithfulness is to your partner and how far they would go to betray you. Professional male and female baiters check your partner’s fidelity and quickly find out whether the allegedly unfaithful partner is receptive to a flirt – or more.

If our decoy bird is rejected directly, we will try again later with another decoy to rule out that it was simply an unfavourable situation.

Investigations of infidelity

Nothing gnaws at your relationship more than the constant suspicion of infidelity. Before you lie awake at night wondering whether your partner is cheating on you or whether the supposed business trip is really just business, you need clarity so that you can sleep peacefully again.

We can shadow your partner around the clock anywhere in the world and inform you about the exact daily routine: Where are they staying? How long? Who are they seeing? What happens at these meetings?

This way, we can usually determine in a very short time whether your trust is being abused or not. This gives you clarity quickly and reliably.

Investigation of fraud

Do you feel cheated or do you have the feeling that someone is not being completely honest with you or is deliberately trying to betray you? Get clarity and protect your wealth. We uncover every kind of fraud, regardless of whether you're a windy financial advisor or a tradesman who wants to pull the money out of your pocket with false statements. Or do you have the feeling that with an inheritance not everything goes right? We'll find out for you.

We create clarity for you and provide you with legally reliable evidence so that you can get your rights!

Private detective: alimony and custody fraud

Your ex-partner refuses maintenance payments to you or your children and possibly even feigns alleged poverty or unemployment?

It may also be the other way around and you pay a lot of separation support, even though your ex-partner is not entitled to it due to their own income or a new marriage-like relationship.

We investigate this for you and create evidence that can be used in court.

Which problem can we solve for you?

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