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Serious detective agency PRIMECHECK - international network

Apr 06,2020

In addition to professional equipment and professional detectives, a professional detective agency naturally also needs a sophisticated network for gathering information. Findings can often not be fully ascertained through simple research and observations. A reputable detective agency must have professional investigative tactics and strategies.

Some states and countries still work with handwritten papers and records, so it is not always possible to obtain information from a database. A cross-border network and cooperation with partner companies is essential here in order to obtain relevant information here as well.

Where can you find our reputable detective agencies?

Our private and business detective agency with the Head office in Cologne and another 15 international locations (e.g. Detective Agency PragueDetective Agency LondonDetective Agency BaselDetective Agency BucharestDetective Agency Mallorca…) offers you worldwide operational readiness in the shortest possible time.

In order to be able to carry out short-term research and observations efficiently on an international level, a close-knit network of partners is indispensable.

Long distances are therefore not an obstacle for us.

A network of qualified detectives, as well as the know-how regarding different work procedures and other rights in the respective areas of application, is indispensable on an international level and distinguishes us as an experienced, qualified and serious detective agency. You too can benefit from our worldwide network, which we are constantly expanding and developing.

A reputable detective agency and its advantages

Additional Advantages:

  • Bundling of industry knowledge
  • Extensive wealth of experience
  • Strategic advantages in international investigations
  • Quality assurance through constant process optimization
  • Expert partner network
  • Legally secure evidence at international level

The detective agency PRIMECHECK is also a member of the I.D.A. – International Detective Association e.V. and can benefit from the advantages of membership.

The I.D.A. offers an international and transnational network of private and business detective agencies. The world association promotes and supports the exchange of experience and information between detective agencies and investigators on an international level. The members not only maintain the exchange about the I.D.A. established network, but the goal is also mutual support in international research and investigations.

Conclusion on the professional work of a detective agency

As a professional detective agency, you not only have to be able to conduct discreet and successful investigations, but also have an extensive network. Since the investigations sometimes go beyond the city limits and national borders, it is advantageous to hire a detective agency with an extensive network. This way you get reliable and fast determination results. We look forward to working with you on important cases and providing clarity. As a reputable detective agency, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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