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Research Work

Nov 13,2019

The PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call: 0800 72 43 252

One of the most common jobs a detective does is research. This is not necessarily a classic observation (observation), but mainly administrative work and internal collection of data.

A research is an intense effort to find out something and gather information and insights. The two most common types of research are remote investigations and on-site investigations. When conducting remote research, trained investigators obtain information, often with the help of one or more contact networks (e.g. the I.D.A association) and/or Databases from which you can obtain national and international information. A collection of data is mainly carried out by the internal staff of the detective agency. This involves the collection of data via e.g. population registers, databases, archives and much more.

If necessary, our investigators also conduct on-site investigations. The results obtained can be compared or, if necessary, further checked for correctness and up-to-dateness . Investigative research on site can be carried out, among other things, at a registered address of the target person that has already been researched, also in the form of a hidden or open survey. 

Research and intensive research for people and companies in Germany and worldwide

It is not uncommon for people to disappear from life without a trace. Be it a family member from whom every sign is missing or a business partner to whom - unforeseen - any contact seems impossible. It can also happen that important documents cannot be delivered and a new address has to be researched.

A background check of potential partner companies or business partners is also possible at any time (if there is a legitimate interest) worldwide due to our wealth of experience and our network.

Do you doubt the authenticity of a potential business partner's identity? We carry out reliable personal checks and research on companies for you!

The detective agency PRIMECHECK supports you, for example, with regard to people searches in Düsseldorf, background checks, address investigations in Berlin and research on companies in Prague. The Detective Agency PRIMECHECK works for you internationally.

Discretion and legality play an enormously important role in all types of research work. Information collected illegally can lead to criminal prosecution by the authorities and also makes the evidence null and void. From our point of view, it is advisable to commission the preservation of evidence in accordance with the law by a professional and discreet detective agency. In addition, a detective agency will of course only ever work if the client has a legitimate interest (see blog post: Detective work: what is allowed?)Not sure if you have a legitimate interest? Contact us and we will check your legitimate interest in a free initial telephone conversation and answer all open questions as best we can.

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