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Location extension: Bucharest

Feb 18,2019

New Location Bucharest

The private and commercial detective agency PRIMECHECK, which operates internationally and is already represented in several major cities in Germany, would now also like to be available to private individuals and companies in other major cities. The new office in Bucharest, Romania, opened on February 1st, 2019. With the new location, the detective agency PRIMECHECK is expanding its presence in the large and economically strong metropolis of Romania. We are pleased to announce that the detective agency PRIMECHECK has now also opened a location in Bucharest - the capital of Romania. With a population of almost 1.9 million, Bucharest is the eighth largest city in the European Union. In addition to the locations in Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, the detective agency is now represented in another important country.

New economic detective agency in Bucharest

Bucharest is the largest metropolitan area in Romania and is home to almost all of Romania's major companies. With the new office, we are now easily accessible for customers from the business sector in Bucharest and the surrounding area. The contact and the coordination of the necessary measures for a successful investigation can thus be organized more effectively with the local companies.

Private detective agency in Bucharest

The PRIMECHECK detective agency in Bucharest not only acts as a commercial detective agency, but also supports private individuals in securing evidence in their private lives and also in criminal and civil proceedings. Our private detectives will support you in investigating suspicions and clarifying uncertainties. Our private detectives have the highest detective skills and guarantee you absolute discretion.

The detective agency in Bucharest

By opening another location in the European Union, the PRIMECHECK detective agency hopes that crimes in the commercial and private sphere will be more widely clarified. The new location in Bucharest now offers a large number of companies and private individuals the opportunity to take advantage of the support of the private and commercial detective agency PRIMECHECK locally and easily.

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Standorterweiterung Bukarest