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As in every other large city in Germany, there are enough occasions in Bremen that make the use of a detective necessary. Not only our private detectives are in action here. The detectives of our business detective agency in Bremen are also involved in demanding investigations time and again.

Bremen is the eleventh largest city in Germany with a population of around 570,000. The metropolitan region of Bremen, which also includes the municipality of Bremerhaven, on the other hand, has more than 2.5 million inhabitants. Above all, Bremen is important as a business location with its port facilities in Bremerhaven. And it is precisely here that our business detectives come into action time and again.

You will find our detective agency in Bremen easily accessible at Hollerallee 26, only a few minutes’ walk from Bremen’s main railway station.

Primecheck business detective agency in Bremen

Bremen’s economy is closely linked to overseas trade. Bremerhaven in particular is internationally known as a transhipment centre for motor vehicles and for its impressive container terminal. However, the investigation focus of our detectives is not only on global trade.

Unauthorised secondary employment

Sometimes employees pursue a secondary occupation that is not permitted. First and foremost, because the employer has not been informed or the secondary employment has been prohibited in the employment contract. And it is not uncommon for an employee to engage in paid work for the competition. In such a case, the employer is even threatened with considerable damage by his employee. This is where our business detectives become active. We investigate your suspicions and quickly and discreetly establish whether your employees are complying with their contractual obligations.

Unauthorised secondary employment

Bremen in particular, as one of the largest goods handling centres in Germany, is repeatedly the target of containers with counterfeit products. In Germany, these counterfeits cause immense damage of up to 30 billion euros per year. The problem: counterfeit products not only damage the turnover of the companies concerned, but can also damage their reputation. That is why our business detective agency investigates for you throughout Europe. We track down counterfeit products, trace their supply chains and investigate all the way to storage facilities, manufacturers and persons involved.
Of course, our services also include investigations into missing persons. If you are desperately looking for someone to whom contact has been broken off, our PRIMECHECK detectives will do everything necessary to find the person, including using the latest technology.

Clandestine work

In a successful economic region like Bremen, your competitors sometimes use unfair methods. One of these is the illegal employment of labour. For example, the state misses out on tax revenues amounting to more than 800 million euros every year due to undeclared work, although this only refers to the cases that are actually uncovered. The number of unreported cases is much higher. Here, too, our business detectives become active. We investigate whether a company is employing unauthorised workers and pass on our findings to the relevant authorities. Of course, we investigate with the same diligence whether one of your employees is engaged in unauthorised employment.


Your private detective agency in Bremen

Fraud, custody issues or mobbing are always the subject of investigations in which we assist our clients. But beyond that, our private detectives in Bremen also investigate many other matters, such as

  • Marital infidelity
  • Computer fraud
  • Child abduction
  • Questions of alimony
  • Stalking

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