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Our office in Dusseldorf

Your professional detective agency in Dusseldorf

The PRIMECHECK detective agency in the heart of Düsseldorf operates for you as a business and private detective agency. Our detectives have far-reaching professional expertise and have already gained many years of experience in their field. The private detectives in Duesseldorf are well prepared to identify stalkers, to determine the infidelity of your partner and to eliminate possible alimony issues.

We can both track down the current whereabouts of a dependent ex-partner and also find out his true income situation. In addition, we will of course also find out whether your ex-partner lives in a marriage-like relationship again and is therefore not entitled to your alimony payments. Also in case of theft or plagiarism the investigators of the detective agency PRIMECHECK are at your side.

An appointment can be made at any time by telephone or using our contact form. We would be pleased to welcome you for a personal conversation in our office in the heart of Dusseldorf.

Private and business detectives in Dusseldorf

The investigations of the private and business detectives of the PRIMECHECK detective agency range from the private to the business sector. The investigators from Dusseldorf always work with the utmost care and reliability. Do you have any questions about what other possibilities the PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you?

The PRIMECHECK detective agency’s consultants are at your disposal both by telephone and in person.

The PRIMECHECK commercial and private detective agency is optimally accessible due to its central location on Koenigsallee 60F, close to the main railway station.

You can reach the PRIMECHECK detective agency at any time on the nationwide toll-free number 0800 72 43 252 - 24 hours a day. If you need clarity immediately, we are there for you around the clock.

You can also contact the detective agency in Dusseldorf using the contact form on the homepage. If the PRIMECHECK detective agency receives a callback request from you, we will contact you at the time you have specified.

The private detective agency in Dusseldorf is at your disposal for private matters

Unfortunately, life does not always go as we would have liked it to. Do you feel betrayed by your partner, do you suspect that he is no longer faithful, have you become a victim of harassment or do you feel stalked? Or has someone who means a lot to you suddenly disappeared? Then don’t wait and contact the private detective agency in Dusseldorf!

The Dusseldorf private detectives are also at your disposal for any investigations regarding the maintenance obligation of your own as well as your ex-partner and, after a careful examination of the situation, they will provide you with one hundred percent certainty as to whether maintenance payments can be claimed or not.

The investigations should take place outside Dusseldorf, perhaps also outside Germany? For PRIMECHECK’s private detectives this is no issue whatsoever.


Private detectives investigate, among others, at

  • Fraud
  • Marital infidelity
  • Computer fraud
  • Child abduction
  • Maintenance questions
  • Custody dispute
  • Stalking
  • Harassment

Business detectives from Düsseldorf investigate problems within corporate environments.

When you think of Dusseldorf, you think above all of a financial and economic metropolis. And it is precisely here where the danger of white-collar crime is particularly great.
Thefts, industrial espionage, computer sabotage can become a bitter reality at any time.
The investigators for all economic sectors from Düsseldorf have a firm knowledge of how such problems can be solved, are best qualified in cases like this and are characterised by a rapid working method. Within a very short time they determine who is responsible for your problem.

Beyond that you can be certain that your information will remain top secret, so that you do not have to worry about your company losing customer confidence due to such conditions.

Detektei Düsseldorf Wirtschaftsdetektei Privatdetektiv

Detektei Düsseldorf Wirtschaftsdetektei Privatdetektiv

Business detectives investigate, among others, at

  • Expense fraud
  • Fraudulent sickness report
  • Industrial espionage
  • Computer criminality
  • Counterfeit brands
  • Insurance scam
  • Bugging operations
  • Theft

The detective agency PRIMECHECK from Düsseldorf

It goes without saying that the strict quality specifications are adhered to by the investigators of the PRIMECHECK detective agency in Düsseldorf. These are also imposed on other employees of the Düsseldorf detective agency. Through numerous further education and training measures, the participation of which is obligatory, the knowledge within the company is continuously improved and ensures that all PRIMECHECK detectives are up to date at all times.

For each individual case that arrives at the PRIMECHECK detective agency, special solutions are developed. Since cases differ from each other, the procedure must not remain the same. After the first conversation with the PRIMECHECK consultants, the detectives from Dusseldorf manage to develop the optimal strategy.

Our office in Dusseldorf

Detective Agency Dusseldorf
Detective Agency PRIMECHECK

Königsallee 60F
40212 Düsseldorf

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Zertifikat der International Detective Association I.D.A. - International Detective Association
Zertifikat der Industrie- und Handelskammer IHK – Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen
Zertifikat des TÜV Rheinland DEKRA certified according to DIN 9001: 2015
Zertifikat der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik DGfK – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik
VID- Vereinigung VID - Association of international private detectives

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      On 01.03.2023 opens the new office in Munich. You can find our new detective agency in Munich at the address Am Karlsplatz 3, 80335 Munich - right in the center. We are pleased to inform you that PRIMECHECK detective agency has found a new office in Munich so that we can expand. At the new location we can expand with a larger office and thus support you even better on site.

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