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If you need a competent private or business detective, the PRIMECHECK detective agency is the best choice for you. In addition to the excellently trained private and business detectives, who have many years of experience and use the latest technology for every assignment, the PRIMECHECK Detective Agency offers many other advantages. One of them is, for example, the central location of our detective agency. The Munich detective agency PRIMECHECK is located in Uensoldstrasse 2, in Altstadt-Lehel, which means that you can easily find it from any part of the city and can also reach it quickly and conveniently with the help of local transport.

At any time, day or night, you have the possibility to contact us at +49 (0)800 72 43 252. You can reach us 24 hours a day. You can either call us, fill in the contact form or send us a message by e-mail to arrange a non-binding and free consultation appointment with us. In order to protect your privacy, you can suggest the place where the interview should take place.
The detective agency PRIMECHECK in Munich guarantees you a professional, reliable and careful way of working of all its private and business detectives. The importance of absolute discretion and trust is just as consciously and enormously important to every PRIMECHECK detective. Our business and private detectives have many years of experience in their field and are well trained for their task. The knowledge of PRIMECHECK detectives, also with regard to the use of state-of-the-art technology, which is indispensable in many cases, is always enhanced by mandatory further training.

The Importance of the PRIMECHECK Detective Agency in Munich

Considering the number of inhabitants, Munich is the largest city in Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany. The risk of crime is therefore much higher here than in a small town. There are many potential cases of fraud, which are not limited to your private life, but can also occur in the commercial sector. And this is precisely why many Munich citizens are dependent on the support of a professional private or business detective.

The Munich private detective agency for your personal affairs

Many problems occur in the course of life that cannot be solved without the support of a professional private detective. Are you stalked or harassed? Or do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Then do not wait, but contact us as soon as possible! PRIMECHECK private detectives know what has to be done in such situations thanks to the best preparation and many years of experience.
PRIMECHECK private detectives will also help you to find a person who was close to you but who has suddenly and inexplicably lost contact with you. Our private detectives also investigate alimony issues. You suspect that the income situation or the life situation of your ex-partner has changed, but this is concealed by them? If you therefore wrongly either continue to make maintenance payments yourself or do not receive any from your ex-partner, our expert private detectives can precisely check the life situation of your ex-partner. On the one hand, the truth comes to light and you receive evidence that can be relied upon in court if you cannot find an out-of-court solution despite the burden of proof.

Private detectives investigate, among others, at

  • Fraud
  • Marital infidelity
  • Computer fraud
  • Child abduction
  • Maintenance questions
  • Custody dispute
  • Stalking
  • Harassment

The Munich Business Detective Agency for your company

Whether in the case of theft of goods or espionage activities – in none of these situations should you do without the professional help of a business detective. With PRIMECHECK business detectives you can be sure that your case will be solved in the shortest possible time. Our investigators are able to obtain valuable information within the shortest time, whereby the perpetrator can be identified and such incidents can be avoided in the future. The investigation spectrum of our business detectives ranges from the internal to the external area. PRIMECHECK business detectives work one hundred percent discreetly so that you neither lose the trust of your employees nor your customers. The investigators will conceal the true reason for your company’s stay from the rest of the team by impersonating, for example, a new employee or intern.

Do you believe that your employee provides you with false information regarding his or her state of health? Then you should immediately contact our expert business detectives. Our investigators are well prepared to deal with fraudsters and will provide you with clarity as quickly as possible.

Business detectives investigate, among others, at

  • Expense fraud
  • Fraudulent sickness report
  • Industrial espionage
  • Computer criminality
  • Counterfeit brands
  • Insurance scam
  • Bugging operations
  • Theft

Your PRIMECHECK Detective Agency in Munich

Whether for private or commercial problems, sometimes the support of a detective is indispensable. Nevertheless, it is important that the investigator fulfils certain criteria, such as professionalism and discretion. In addition to a sound education, our investigators already have numerous experiences from successful investigative work. All these criteria are fulfilled by every PRIMECHECK detective without exception.

The extensive knowledge of all our private and business detectives, also with regard to the latest technology, which is indispensable for successful investigations, is confirmed by their obligatory regular participation in external training courses and internal seminars.

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