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Prove working time fraud home office

Nov 29,2022

Prove working time fraud home office - the detective agency PRIMECHECK uncovers

Especially since the Corona pandemic, the topic of home office is becoming more relevant and also more attractive. While the employer has the opportunity to save on the premises, the employee has the opportunity to save time for the commute. You log in from the comfort of your own home in the morning, and when you log out again in the afternoon, you're off work immediately.

However, this is precisely why the topic of home office repeatedly leads to problems. In particular, problems of trust on the part of the employer. Because with this work model, the freedoms are definitely on the employee's side. Because when he or she logs in, the working hours are running. This form of working time fraud is taking on ever greater dimensions. It is also becoming increasingly common for employees to log in to their actual employer, but effectively work for someone else.

If you also have reasonable doubts as to whether your employees are really working for you from home as agreed or are committing working time fraud, we can help you. If you have a justified interest or a concrete suspicion that your employee is working for another employer during his actual working hours, possibly for your competitor or for self-employed work, we can help you. We will check for you whether this is actually the case or whether your employee is at home during his working hours.

In addition, we can also help you preventively with this problem and train you in simple and legal measures and technical tools.
Feel free to contact us for free advice by phone or e-mail.

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